about site
  • I really like j-fashion, especially lolita!
  • I currently can't wear it too often due to chronic pain, so I thought I'd compile my info about it into a shrine!!
  • Enjoy your stay~

basics to making a good coordinate!
Base Things:
  • Petticoats
  • Socks

  • Main things:
  • Main Piece
  • Skirts, Jumperskirts (JSK), or a One-Piece (OP) Dress!
  • Blouse or Cutsew
  • Matching Headpiece

  • Extras:
  • Cute bags!
  • Shoes, if you can!
  • Most lolitas will consider matching shoes to the outfit a key piece of lolita, but personally I *Have* to avoid this due to a chronic pain issue so it doesn't matter too much to me!
  • Accessories; earrings/rings/etc
  • Bloomers and/or safety shorts
  • Purely for comfort! Not neccesary, but if you're uncomfortable with the thought of an upskirt issue. Not generally meant to be shown.
  • Underskirts
  • Adding length and/or an extra design piece to your coord. Only meant for small portions to be seen, usually.

    known brands!
    Angelic Pretty (AP), Baby the Stars Shine Bright (BtSSB), Metamorphose Temps de Fille (Meta), Innocent World (IW), Victorian Maiden (VM), Mary Magdalene (MM), Moi-Même-Moitié (MMM), Alice and the Pirates (AatP), Atelier Pierrot (no common abbreviation).
    In order, they are mainly sweet brands, classic brands and gothic brands.
    where do you find them??

    lolita fashion was in its infancy primarily a j-fashion, and as such most of the most common brand are japanese! however, you can also find lolita sold second-hand in groups, or find a taobao seller (or search it yourself, if you know chinese!)

    lolita has multiple different iterations on different social media! facebook, instagram and tumblr are big players, but really, if you know where to look you can find us anywhere!

    lolita tags on instagram are #lolitafashion, #eglcommunity, brand names, as well as sub styles (#sweetlolita, etc)
    facebook has multiple groups for lolita with the main ones being *rufflechat* and *big sisters of lolita fashion*. you can also search by location! for example, my local EGL community is the 'melbourne EGL community' group on facebook. it may also be worth checking out the lolita spreadsheet to find your local community!
    tumblr has multiple tags, with many similarities to instagram! #lolitafashion, #eglcommunity and substyles (#gothiclolita) are probably your best bet.