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what do i put here

misc shit

have a pixel bear. ur welcome! used foxfable's tutorial :3
sign my guestbook!

16.8.22: not rly an update but i made a pixel :3c also began gir shrine!
15.8.22: added fixation page!
27.7.22: updating my homepage B)
26.7.22: added my lolita shrine!
25.7.22: did some small changes to my asmo shrine, added some extras to my links page!
24.7.22: worked on my blinkie wall for my links page, cleared up this homepage a bit! changed up how things link so that all my sourcing is done in my links page.
23.7.22: worked on my asmo shrine!
22.7.22: this page was born!!

todo: sitemap, blog? more web shrines to special interests.
tested on/optimized for firefox! feel free to tell me via the guestbook if there are any issues and i'll do my best to fix 'em but i have lived using firefox since i was like 14, it's my default and i'm proud
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